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Micah Young / Orderville

"I called in with the worst tooth pain ever and Dr. Rob made himself available that same day. His team provided gentle and pain free service with continuous smiles. My root canal was completed and a permanent crown in place before my movie was even over! Thanks for the exceptional service Dr. Rob, you’re the best!!!"

Bonnie Polock / Elk Ridge

"Dr. Barrick is kind, thoughtful and a very thorough and professional dentist. He is modern with advanced dental technology to help correct and prevent issues before pain occurs.  One of my long-term annoyances was corrected by Dr. Barrick.  He makes sure his work is satisfactory and his staff is well trained."

Patrick Mahler / Duck Creek

"I would like to start by saying, I’m not a fan of going to the dentist. Getting the work done on my teeth with Dr. Barrick was fast, painless, and I was comfortable the entire time. The results of the work was amazing, my smile went from something to hide to something of pride. It’s honestly life changing, and I love to smile now."

Darcie Tisdale / Cedar City - Orderville

"Since I was a teenager I've been aware of how crooked my teeth were and I didn't even want to smile without covering my teeth. I met with many orthodontists throughout the years but none of them were willing to just straighten my teeth. They all wanted to do extensive surgery on my jaw. After knowing Dr. Barrick for a couple years he met with me and reviewed my case and said he could help. He was able to get me the straight teeth I have always wanted without any surgery and I couldn't be happier. I love the smile I have now and the confidence that goes with it. I will always be so appreciative of everything Dr. Barrick did for me."

This video shows a few excerpts from an actual mobile cosmetic consultation. 

Dr. Rob's Smile Portfolio

Cosmetic Consultation 
Dr. Rob Barrick DDS
Dr. Rob Barrick grew up in Cedar City Utah as an artist.  He would spend his free time creating, drawing and sculpting.  Dr. Rob has won many awards and scholarships for his art. 

"There is just something incredible about seeing a patient lift up the mirror and shed tears of joy because they finally have the smile they've always wanted. It's what I'm good at, it changes peoples' lives and I love it. " Dr. Rob

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Smile Makeover FAQ

Q & A

Q: What is the difference between Veneers and Crowns
A: Crowns have tooth reduction all around the tooth while veneers have tooth reduction only on the front side. Deciding on a crown or veneer depends on your bite, how much existing fillings are already in the teeth etc. Either way, both restorations need some enamel reduction in order for the result to look natural. 

Q:  How much are Veneers and Crowns?  
A:  Most cosmetic dentists charge between $1,200 -$1,800 per veneer or crown.  Cedar City averages around $800- $1,000 per veneer/ crown.  Dr. Rob's Cost is $895 per tooth which is very reasonable for a qualified cosmetic dentist.

Q:  What does the payment plan look like for a smile makeover?
A:  55% down with the remaining 45% interest free and spread out over 1 year.  

Q:  What about all the little costs that add up like x-rays and exam fees?
A:  I'll exclude x-rays and exam fees when you get a smile makeover.  In fact, I'll also include a free teeth bleaching kit as well. 

Q:  How many veneers/ crowns are needed for a smile makeover.
A:  Typically, the 8 front teeth are optimal to get your perfect smile. Occasionally, you can get away with just including your 6 - 4 front teeth.    The less number of teeth involved, the less control you have. (ie. if you want your smile to be really bright, you would need at least 8 to look good.) 

Q:  Do I need to veneer my lower teeth?
A:   It depends on your smile. You certainly can include your lower teeth.    Most people don't show their lower teeth that much when they smile.  A good bleaching on the lower teeth usually does the trick.  

Q: What qualifies Dr. Rob?
A:  Most dentists can improve your smile. If you want an artist/ perfectionist who has done hundreds of complex cases, Dr. Rob is a great choice.

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